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Bible School


A student who plans to become a candidate for a master’s degree must hold a bachelor’s degree.

Master’s degrees are constructed of five interrelated areas:

(1) the ISOM Core component, or outside equivalent

(2) an additional five Modules Bachelor’s studies component, or outside equivalent

(3) an additional three Modules Master’s studies component

(4) a book report component, which encompasses books from the three different modules

(5) the Master’s thesis component, which consists of a 25-page document.

The following Master’s degrees are offered through both VIU and CTS:

• Master of Ministry (M.Min)

The following Master’s degree is offered through CLU 

(CLU students must complete the Spiritual Intimacy Module):

• Master of Ministry (M.Min)


1. Completion of ISOM Core, which is the first five Trimesters ISOM has to offer.

2. Completion of five additional modules for Bachelor’s studies, not previously taken, listed next.

3. Completion of three additional modules for Master’s studies, not previously taken, from the following:

• Ministry Module

• Maturity Module

• Miracle Living Module

• WOW Essential Module

• Messenger Module

• Messianic Module

• Understanding Islam Module

• Apologetics Module

• Nation-2-Nation Module

• Marketplace Module Standard 1

• Marketplace Module Standard 2

• Spiritual Intimacy Module (required for any degree from CLU)

4. Completion of nine book reports (three per module for Master’s studies).

50% passing grade for each book report.

5. Completion of a 25-page Master’s thesis.

70% passing grade required for the thesis.

6. A 70% passing grade per module and an 80% attendance record.

7.  - Tuition per Trimester $375

                             -  Degree fee of $350 (upon completion)


The requirements for a Master’s degree differs in that there is required supplemental reading.

Three books will be required to be read with each module and will be due before moving on to the next module, making a total of nine book reports due at the end of the program.

There will be a five-page book report (single spaced at 12pt Times Roman font) required for each book read.

While the Modules will be graded in normal ISOM fashion by the school, book reports will be graded at the ISOM headquarters by a Doctorate level instructor. The book reports will count for 30% of a student’s grade (10% for each book). Guidelines will be provided as to what is expected in each book report and sample book reports will be given to show the quality of writing expected.


A student may enroll for thesis only when that student has attained candidacy status for the Master’s degree.  Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a masters degree shall meet the following definitions:

A thesis is a written product of the study of a significant problem. It clearly identifies the problem, states the major assumptions, explains the significance of the undertaking, sets forth the sources for and methods of gathering information, analyzes the data, and offers a conclusion or recommendation. The finished product evidence originality, critical and independent thinking, appropriate organization and format, and thorough documentation.

A 25-page document of the thesis will be required. 

Very specific guidance will be given to each student as to what is expected in their

thesis paper. These guidelines will be given at the shipment of the final module of the Master’s program.  Students will have seven months from the shipment of their final module to turn in their thesis to qualify for the Master’s degree.

This thesis will be submitted with a Master’s degree fee of $350 along with an application for transfer credit to ISOM. The thesis will be graded by a Doctorate level instructor at the ISOM headquarters.

A 70% passing grade will be required on the thesis to qualify for graduation.

Our seven-month thesis duration policy was instated so that we can help our students face the challenges of writing. When people have no deadline, they sometimes also have little motivation. If a student knows of a deadline, s/he strives to meet it.

We suggest the following schedule:

3 months to research your topic thoroughly

2 months to write the initial draft of the thesis

2 months to revise the thesis, based on your overseer’s advice